CEAP Classification

The CEAP Classification for the Chronic Venous Insufficiency assessment.

Varicous vein diseases have a very high cost impact on the health insurance systems in all countries. Although, it may seem the condition affects only women, we are increasinly seing men being affected with this condition.

There was a need to stablish a classification system for the disease within the international medical community.

For this reason, the International Committee established the American Venous Forum for CEAP classification in Maui, Hawaii, USA, in February 1994.

The advantages of the CEAP classification can be summarized in the following points:

  1. Standardizes the disorders of veins.
  2. Summarizes the history of the patient.
  3. Allows a universal coded language.
  4. It states the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed therapeutic treatment.
  5. It monitors the patient’s theraphy progress.

The CEAP classification in the application

By using easy forms to fill you will be able to enter the data for your patient exploration.


Once the Exploration Level to be applied to the patient is chosen, it is possible to start classifying the first CEAP parameter which is the Clinic.

CEAP Classification - Clinical

CEAP Classification – Clinical


Then, at the Etiologic classification, you can only choose one option per patient.

CEAP Classification - Etiologic

CEAP Classification – Etiologic


After classifying the veins Anatomically, for either superficial, deep or perforating,  you can select a number to categorize the doctor’s diagnosis.

CEAP Classification - Anatomic

CEAP Classification – Anatomic


Finally, at the Pathophysiological classification, will be chosen the designation that has been observed in the patient.

CEAP Classification - Pathophysiologic

CEAP Classification – Pathophysiologic

Clinical Score (VCSS) and Disability Score

After this last classification a clinical and disability score will be performed, to finally get a report that can includes photos and observations about the patient. This report can be exported to a PDF format to be printed or archived.

Clinical Score (VCSS)

Clinical Score (VCSS)

Disability Score

Disability Score

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